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Job opportunities with Habitat for Humanity Canada and Canadian Habitat for Humanity affiliates will be posted here as openings arise. Please note that not all affiliate job postings may be listed here, and if you are interested in learning more about an affiliate job opening, you should contact the affiliate directly.

Email Fraud Alert

Habitat for Humanity has been alerted to emails circulating which purport to be from an official Habitat for Humanity source offering employment opportunities. These emails have come from the following addresses:
  • habitatcares10
  • careers
  • habitatrecruits
  • abitatrecruits4john
  • initiative.unicef
  • charitymanage1
  • habitatforhumanityvolunteers
  • and from a "Dr. Paul Foster;” humanresources
Please be aware that these emails are fraudulent and are not in any way connected to Habitat for Humanity. If you have received this email, please delete it from your inbox after reporting it to Habitat for Humanity International.
We are taking every step possible to report this matter to the appropriate authorities. In order to file reports with the appropriate authorities, Habitat for Humanity will need a copy of the scam email and the "HEADERS” of the email. Click here to view a PDF file that explains how to retrieve the header information. To report a suspicious employment-related email, please send it to and