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Team Building Project
Team Building Opportunities
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“You expect a ‘Habitat Build Day’ to feel rewarding, knowing your time and effort will help provide a family in your community with a decent and affordable place to call home, but you soon discover that what you’re doing is so much bigger than building a physical space. You’re transforming lives and giving families a second chance. This realization makes this experience unique, and creates a bond, and a sense of pride that you carry back with you to work.”


- Nissan Canada Foundation

Get ready for a truly rewarding experience.

Habitat for Humanity Canada’s team building opportunities offer organizations a chance to invest in their employees while making a real difference in the lives of hard-working families and the communities in which they live.

Just like future Habitat homeowners do prior to purchasing their Habitat home, your team members will come together on a Habitat build site, roll up their sleeves and work together to help build a safe, decent, and affordable place that a family in need will one day call home.

Habitat’s team building opportunities are an experience like no other. When your team arrives on the build site, their job titles will disappear. Employees of all skill levels – beginner to professional – will learn useful skills as they work side-by-side in a safe environment under the leadership of experienced Habitat crew leaders. While the work will be challenging, it will also be rewarding. Together, your team will have fun, connect with their fellow colleagues in a truly meaningful way, and leave the build site proud of their accomplishments, their colleagues, and their organization.

We created these options so that you can build a better workplace culture while giving back to your community.

When your group or organization participates in one of our team building pportunities, everyone wins. Your colleagues will roll up their sleeves, and join forces toward a common goal. They will be inspired to work together while learning new skills. At the same time, your organization is demonstrating its commitment to improving the community and championing the cause of affordable homeownership. 

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“Habitat Home Sponsorship was the perfect option for Whirlpool. It gave us the opportunity to maximize team participation and most importantly to meet, and work alongside the family we were helping to build a home for. The experience was truly rewarding!” 

- Whirlpool Canada