Where Your Donation Goes

Funds generated by Habitat for Humanity Canada go to support our homebuilding programs:

360 Built Smart Partnership Program
The 360 Built Smart Partnership is how Habitat for Humanity plans to achieve its vision for sustainable communities in Canada

Aboriginal Housing Program
Habitat for Humanity’s program aimed at addressing the housing affordability issues faced by Aboriginal families in Canada

Building on Faith
Building on Faith is Habitat for Humanity’s program that aims to engage faith groups in the mission to provide adequate shelter for all

Global Village Program
Global Village sends program volunteers to deliver much needed support to communities around the world that lack a sufficient supply of adequate shelter

International Homebuilding Program
Inadequate housing is a global problem that requires a global solution. The International Building Program recognizes that we must address the problem of inadequate housing internationally as well as domestically.

National Building Program
The National Building Program seeks to ensure that affiliates have access the products and support they need to be successful in building homes and building hope for Canadian families in need

Women Build Program
The Women Build Program is about building Habitat homes with a focus on promoting women as leaders in the trades.

Currently, Habitat for Humanity Canada’s International Homebuilding Program financially supports or is directly involved with housing development programs in:

Canada Guatemala Nicaragua
Chile Haiti Philippines
Costa Rica Honduras Tajikistan
Croatia Hungary Tanzania
Dominican Republic Kenya Uganda
Egypt Lesotho Vietnam
El Salvador Macedonia Zambia
Ethiopia Mozambique



Habitat for Humanity Canada’s Fundraising Revenues are distributed as follows (percentages from 2009):

  • 4% Domestic Programs
  • 1% International Programs
  • 5% Affiliate Support
  • 13% Fundraising & Administrative Expenses
  • 77% Local Homebuilding (Transfers to Affiliates’ Build Projects)
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