Past support of Habitat for Humanity has made a real difference in 2015. Here are just a few highlights:


  • 228 new homes were built. That means 228 hardworking families who'd been living in inadequate or unsafe housing got the hand up they needed. They've moved in, are paying an affordable mortgage and no longer need to decide between paying the rent or buying food for their children.
  • 22% of children went on to attain a bachelor degree or more vs. 8% of a control group. This means that children are almost 3x as likely to achieve a better education.
  • 37% of Habitat partner families were in social housing prior to Habitat. Now they are on their way to housing independence and can focus on creating a brighter future for their family.
  • 60% reduction in food-bank usage among partner families. They are now on their way to food independence. For some families, it’s the first time in their lives they’ve been empowered to pay for food and a home at the same time.

All our partner families have told us how grateful they are and we hope you consider donating to help even more families in 2016.

As Leslie says, "We're so thrilled and thankful. We can have pipes that don't freeze in winter! We can be warm!"

Just ask families like Leslie and Brian Doyle, who were raising their two children, Aiden and Lillian, in a small basement apartment that was very cold in the winter. Now they’re in a safe and warm home where they don’t need to worry about basic necessities like having running water when the temperature drops.

Christina Ryan is a single mother holding down two jobs to raise her daughters, Lorcan and Emily. Emily has special needs, and finding affordable housing that is wheelchair-accessible is almost impossible.

Donors helped Christina get a house she can afford that fits her family’s needs.

"We're so grateful to everyone who helped," says Christina. "Emily will always have challenges, but a safe place to live won't be one of them."

"I feel I owe so much back to Habitat," says Lisa. "To the volunteers and all the kind people who lend their financial support."

There was also Lisa Tukker, trying to raise her little boy in a small, drafty garage that had been converted to an apartment. Now they live in a warm and safe Habitat home. Like all Habitat homeowners, Lisa pays for the home with a mortgage designed by Habitat to suit her income.

As you know, the mortgage payments of all partner families are reinvested in helping other families.

That's what makes Habitat a unique and sustainable solution. Your support is an investment in Canadian families that continues to have an impact for years to come.

In fact, a recent study showed that a $1 donation to Habitat results in about $4 in benefits to society. These benefits come in the form of less reliance on social housing and food banks, better educational outcomes, improved health and more physical activity for Habitat partner families.

The problem is that the need for affordable housing keeps growing. Currently, there are still 1.6 million Canadians families in need of decent housing.

That's 1.6 million families paying a large portion of their income to rent poor-quality housing. This prevents them from the dream of ever paying for a home they can call their own, and sometimes even having to choose between paying rent and other basic necessities.

Help us by renewing your support and change the lives of more Canadian families.

Habitat relies on generous donors like you to meet the many significant costs of building houses and the list of families in need of a "hand up" keeps growing. We're willing and ready to increase our efforts to meet this demand. Will you continue to lend your support, too?

Together, we can ensure that there are even more success stories to look back upon next year.

Please give now.

And please accept our thanks on behalf of all the families who will be so grateful to move into a safe and decent home they can afford.

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