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From now and until May 30th, Ply Gem will donate $1 in building materials for every $1 donated from donors like you. For example, your donation of $150 would mean an additional $150 in building materials, for a total value of $300. That’s enough for one child’s bedroom!

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Thanks to donor support, 2016 was a year of record achievement for Habitat for Humanity Canada. Our donors helped us reach these amazing milestones:

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Numbers tell only part of the story.

Every family our donors have helped also has a personal story of how their lives are changed for the better.


Like the Underwoods, a grieving family who believed in “paying it forward” but couldn’t pay for a home of their own, and who now have their own Habitat home.


The Nolans, whose mouldy apartment made Ken Nolan’s emphysema a life-threatening condition, but who now live healthier, happier lives in a Habitat home.


Or the Wolfe family, who got their children out of a dangerous neighbourhood and into a safe, secure environment. And countless other families whose lives have changed, thanks to donor support.

With support from donors like you, 2017 will be the biggest year in our history!


We’re aiming to build homes alongside 375 Habitat families per year by the year 2020. That’s 375 homes that we can only build with your continued support.

Marking Canada’s 150th anniversary, this year Habitat is undertaking its biggest build project ever. Bringing together hundreds of volunteers and families, Habitat will build 150 homes over the course of a week in July as part of the 34th annual Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project. We can’t wait to host the former US President and First Lady once again here on Canadian soil.

And we’re going to help even more Indigenous families across Canada by engaging in even more building, retrofitting more homes and growing our Indigenous youth training programs.

Give now so families can benefit from Ply Gem’s generous matching gift offer.
With your help and the matching offer from Ply Gem, we feel we can meet our ambitious targets for this year and the years ahead.

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