Your donation can make a world of difference to a family in Ethiopia

Emamu Teketel is 15 years old and has a mobility-limiting disability.

As a child she and her younger brother were abandoned by their mother and had no option but to live in a dilapidated and unsafe house in Fitche, Ethiopia. The home lacked a kitchen and toilet and, to make things worse, it was difficult for her to navigate the restricted space.

Then caring people like you stepped in to support Habitat Canada’s work in her community. Because of your support, Habitat is able to help families like Emamu and her brother around the world by providing safe, decent and accessible homes.

“I can’t find the words to thank those who helped us”

Emamu and her brother are now living in a safe and healthy home with an accessible design that allows them to thrive, and not just survive. The new home brought Emamu and her brother into a safe and vibrant community where they have a communal kitchen and sanitation facilities.

The accessible home design includes a shared cooking space and communal eating area – an important part of traditional Ethiopian homes, which values communal living. Emamu and her brother are able to prepare dinner with their neighbours, helping build stronger communities with every meal.

Their new, healthy Habitat home has been life-changing.

International projects like this one in Ethiopia have helped hundreds of families like Emamu’s by providing a safe, healthy place to live. You can partner with Habitat by making a donation that will transform the living conditions for families in communities like Fitche, Ethiopia.

Your gift today can go beyond the borders and help vulnerable children and families around the world!

Championing the National Housing Strategy

In the year ahead you can count on Habitat for Humanity Canada to keep pushing the issues of affordable homeownership forward. We'll be working closely with the Federal Government to ensure the promises of the National Housing Strategy become a reality.

Your donation makes all the difference to Canadian families like Atticus’

Terence and Melissa started their family on the main floor of a split-level house. Nearly six years and three children later, they were in need of an accessible home.

Their first son, Atticus, had his first seizure at just four-and-a-half months old. He was later on diagnosed with infantile spasms — a rare epileptic syndrome that occurs in infants and significantly increases their risk for developmental disorders — and refractory epilepsy, which they still struggle with today.

“We’ve tried every medicine, every treatment imaginable, but it’s relentless. He has seizures every day — yesterday he had 30. That’s about his average in one day,” she says.

Over time, Atticus’ health continued to deteriorate, and when he became wheelchair bound, the couple needed to use nearly everything they had to help buy a wheelchair-accessible van.

Through partnering with Habitat for Humanity, Melissa and Terence will pay an interest-free affordable mortgage with no down-payment. They also volunteered 500 hours to secure their Habitat home.

“To have Habitat’s support is huge,” says Melissa. “Even if I were able to save for a down payment, we’d never be able to make our home as accessible as Habitat has.”

You can join Habitat for Humanity Canada in providing strength, stability and independence through affordable homeownership.