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The Doyle Family


Brian and Leslie Doyle are raising their two young children, Aden and Lillian, in a cold, cramped basement apartment, but Habitat is working hard to get them into a decent new home in time for the holidays. The Doyles are excited by the possibility of getting their kids out of their current inadequate housing and into a warm, secure new home.

Leslie says, "We're so thrilled and thankful. We can have pipes that don't freeze in winter! We can be warm!"

When we first met the Doyles, we knew right away they were right for Habitat: hardworking and motivated parents to two bright children who were unfortunately held back by their lower incomes and high housing costs.

"We can afford a mortgage payment," Leslie explains, "but paying high rent means we could never save the down payment. Habitat opened a door for us."


Partner families are required to contribute 500 hours of "sweat equity" and pay fair value for their home with a mortgage geared to their income. "We don't expect to get something for nothing," Brian says. "Putting in sweat equity is more than fair."

"This is an investment in our children's lives more than our own. Having housing costs we can handle means we can afford to put the kids in after-school programs and save for their future education."

The Doyles worked extra hard to make their homeownership dream a reality, putting in long hours at ReStores and putting "hammer to nail" at their build site. "I signed every wall I put up," Leslie says with a proud laugh.

As Leslie can attest, "There are so many families in the situation we were in. It's hard to put into words the difference it's going to make to our lives, and without your help, that work can't continue."