We are pleased to share our new ‘Brick for Brick’ campaign in hopes of encouraging Canadians to donate towards helping 1 in 5 Canadian families living in unstable homes.

Developed by Cossette, the campaign kicks off with a PSA that drives people to donate at habitat.ca/brickforbrick. The video tells the story of a family’s journey of upheaval, and depicts the daughter’s innocent efforts to try and build her own toy house for her mom and brother.

Mark Rodgers, President and CEO at Habitat for Humanity Canada said, “When a family is forced to constantly move and live in fear of relentless uncertainty, kids are the ones who are most affected. Kids need a solid foundation to grow, and they need stability. With this video, we wanted to convey that homeownership is not just about having a roof over their head, it is the ground beneath their feet.”

As the only national charity that helps to provide homeownership, Habitat for Humanity Canada aims to break the cycle of poverty for low-income families and create happier, healthier and more financially secure families.

In addition to the PSA, Habitat for Humanity has also partnered with  MEGA BLOKS and the Interior Design Show where, between Jan 21-24, they will build a life sized home entirely out of MEGA BLOKS. Peter Ignazi, CCO at Cossette adds, “We wanted to find a unique way to fundraise at the event. Bringing to life the idea of the little girl in the commercial was a great way to connect the different pieces of the campaign and build something truly show-stopping. The ask is simple. Donate to help turn this little girl’s dream into a real home.”

Habitat for Humanity is also hoping that broadcasters will consider donating space to air the campaign across Canada.  “Special thanks to Cossette for offering their services probono to help us raise awareness and funds,” says Meghan Reddick, Vice President, Marketing and Communications. “We rely on the generosity of partners like Cossette to help us realize our mission:  to ensure everyone has a safe and decent place to live.”

To donate a virtual brick and for your discount code to attend the Interior Design Show in January, visit habitat.ca/brickforbrick .

For more information, contact:

Meghan Reddick
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
Habitat for Humanity Canada