"I'm alive today and breathing because of Habitat for Humanity" - Ken Nolan

Ken Nolan, his wife Diane and their four children lived in a drafty rented house so riddled with mould it made Ken’s severe emphysema a life-threatening condition. But with a hand up from donors like you and over 500 hours of work put in by the entire family, the Nolans now live in a well-built Habitat home they pay for with a mortgage they can afford. Please donate now.


"It's not about materialism," Ken says. "It's about security. Now, no matter what happens to me, my family will have this good home."

With less stress and a mould-free environment, Ken was approved for a double lung transplant that saved his life. The whole family now enjoys better health and well-being. They’re even saving hundreds of dollars a month in heating costs — money that now goes to food, schooling and other essentials.

Habitat homes aren't free. The Nolans pay an interest free mortgage that’s geared to their income. As a family they contributed over 500 hours to help build it. Their home is priced at fair market value and they have to maintain it like any other homeowner.


“I'm so happy to have Ken in our lives and the kids are doing so well in school and their careers.” - Diane Nolan