Kristy and Dave Underwood both worked long hours in the hope of buying a home for their two daughters, Rachel and Alyssa. Kristy was pregnant, and they were picking out baby names for their third child – a girl they would name Hannah. The dream of a safe and decent home was important to them because they felt unsafe in their current home – it had been broken into while they were asleep. The entire family had never felt safe after that incident.

Then their dream of a larger family and owning a decent home in a safe neighbourhood was suddenly derailed. After suffering a traumatic delivery where Hannah was born still, Kristy and Dave plunged into grief.

“Our situation taught us that bad things can happen to good people, it’s our job as humans to help each other get back up again.”
- Kristy Underwood

Then Kristy’s mother suggested Habitat for Humanity. They didn't even know how it worked. But they were inspired by the way it gives people a hand up, not a hand out. The couple started volunteering on Habitat construction sites, helping to build other people’s homes. Eventually, they too applied to be a Habitat future homeowner, and were accepted.

Now, Kristy and Dave are doing so much better. They have been blessed with a third daughter, Katy, who’s healthy and always laughing. Dave recently got a promotion at work, Kristy is running her own business, and Rachel and Alyssa are doing well in school. Thanks to the support of donors like you, Kristy and Dave’s whole family finally feels safe and secure again in their new Habitat home.