An exciting new partnership between Tobique First Nation (TFN) and Habitat for Humanity Fredericton Area Inc. (Habitat Fredericton) will soon see the first ever Habitat home constructed on reserve in Atlantic Canada.
Habitat Fredericton has recently formalized partnerships through a Memorandum Understanding with TFN.  With the sod turning ceremony planned for September 6th at 11am, both Habitat Fredericton and TFN are committed to completing construction of the first home by the end of this year. It is expected that the selected TFN family will be settled in their brand new home by Christmas. 
''This partnership is a great opportunity for our community. Tobique hasn't built a house in over 12 years. This has caused homelessness and overcrowding compounded over three generations of young adults. Building homes with habitat for humanity promotes pride and volunteerism and will give our people hope in the community that someday maybe they can own a house. We are very excited to get this project going and the potential growth of the partnership in the future", said Chief Ross Perley.
“We are proud to be partnering with Tobique First Nation on this pilot project and expect to have many houses built and many families moving into homes of their own at TFN over the next several years”, says Habitat Fredericton CEO, Perry Kendall. “We are very pleased that the partnership will also include an indigenous youth training component.  All volunteers including the youth will start with a comprehensive safety training program.  From there we plan to have youth from Tobique First Nation involved in several aspects of the build project working alongside Red Seal carpenters (also members of TFN), plumbers and electricians.  The youth will gain practical skills that they can use on their own and also have experience that they can use to help make future career decisions.”
This project is the first indigenous home building partnership with a First Nation community and Habitat for Humanity in Atlantic Canada. This modified Habitat homeownership program will enable more First Nations member families to realize their dream of homeownership.  
Perry Kendall
Habitat for Humanity Fredericton Area Inc.
Ross Perley
Tobique First Nation