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How We Help

Who We Help

Habitat for Humanity Canada is committed to helping low-income families caught in the vicious cycle of poverty.

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Build & Ownership Process

We believe in making affordable housing accessible to families who are forced to choose between providing shelter and providing food. .

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Real Stories

Read about our partner families and those who have helped us in providing the hand up of homeownership.

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Do you remember what it was like growing up? Having a warm, welcoming home that always felt safe? Food in the fridge? At the time, you likely didn’t think about those things.

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Indigenous Housing Programs

Overcrowding, dilapidated housing and general affordability are issues faced daily by many of Canada’s Indigenous families.

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International Programs

Habitat invests in homebuilding and shelter solutions in developing countries around the world. In 2015 alone, more than 9,500 people were directly impacted by this program.

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Global Village

Global Village volunteers are given the unique opportunity to provide safe, decent and affordable homes to those in need, while also travelling around the world, experiencing other countries and cultures.

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