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Our Federation Strategic Direction: Vision 2020

Our Federation Strategic Direction Vision 2020 - Habitat for Humanity CanadaHabitat for Humanity Canada’s Federation Strategic Direction: Vision 2020 is an internal roadmap to our ultimate goal of serving 375 Canadian families per year by 2020 and creating a platform for exponential growth. The document was developed to steer our federation of 56 local Habitats, but is being shared publicly for those who would like to know more about how we’re working to impact more Canadian families.

How our Federation Strategic Direction was formed

In 2014, Habitat for Humanity Canada’s President and CEO introduced the Federation to a newly developed Vision 20/20, a new strategic direction for the organization, which was intended to be a catalyst for renewed “mission motivation” over the following five years.

After the Vision 20/20 was developed in the fall of 2014, a widespread consultative process of communicating the Vision 20/20 to external and internal stakeholders was implemented in order to garner feedback. Vision 20/20 was well received, and excitement was generated regarding the promise of a more robust Federation Strategic Direction.

Critical elements contained within the Vision 20/20 include five core pillars, which centre on the acronym HOMES. These pillars are Housing Innovation, Optimal Performance, Mobilized Leadership, Epic Engagement and Sustainable Funding. That said, while the Vision 20/20 had within it many strategic elements, at its heart was the newly proposed organizational motto, also referred to as the organization’s "burning imperative": Always thinking families first.

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