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Real stories

Read about Habitat homeowners, volunteers and other supporters who have helped us provide the hand up of affordable homeownersip. 


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"Life after Habitat equals peace of mind" - June 4, 2018
From struggling single mother to mortgage-free: How Habitat helped Bernadette build a better future for her family - February 14, 2018
'Thanks to you we have a house of our own and a place to call home'
With Habitat's help, Terri-Lynn is raising her daughter in a safe, healthy home - January 29, 2018
Vern Koop ends his career with Habitat on a high note - November 5, 2017
With Habitat's help, Alex and Dionne fulfill their long-time dream of becoming homeowners - October 18, 2017
Jason and Ann help build their 'forever home' with Habitat - October 18, 2017
Building an accessible house for Atticus and his family - October 18, 2017
Steven and his children finally have a place to call their own - October 18, 2017
Thanks to their new Habitat home, Audrey's kids have a safe place to play - October 18, 2017
Natalie and Ivan's kids can be 'kids' in their new Habitat home - October 18, 2017
Global Village volunteer Keneisha Charles speaks about the life-changing impact of her trip to El Salvador - August 10, 2017
Creating stability for families in Ethiopia living with disabilities - July 21, 2017
How Habitat helped Ken survive and gave his family the chance to thrive - July 19, 2017
Partnering with Habitat allowed Amanda’s family to move closer to their roots - July 19, 2017
Global Village Spotlight: Reina, mother of eight - June 26, 2017
Global Village Spotlight: Barbara Lesage - June 2, 2017
Global Village Spotlight: Johanna Fernandez - April 26, 2017
The Weid family now has space to play - July 22, 2016
Kerri and Caleb have a place to call home - July 15, 2016