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Featured Stories

'First House' of Many
Breaking ground on a milestone project on First Nations settlement land.

Story from: Fall/Winter 2012
More on our Aboriginal Housing Program

Another Path Home
Halima Bagaaya was able to complete her home and change her life after receiving a microfinance loan through Habitat Uganda. We're now partnering to provide an additional $6.6 million in support to expand microfinance possibilities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Story from: Fall/Winter 2012

Pitching In
In Nanaimo, BC, Jo-Anne Graham and her 14-year-old son, Raymond, are working off their sweat equity in anticipation of their new home.

Story from: Fall/Winter 2012

Celebrating Hope
2,000 homes, 2,000 Canadian families with improved shelter conditions. Our very first, and 2,000th family, came together in Winnipeg to help us celebrate this milestone.

Story from: Spring/Winter 2012
More on this event

Building Back Better
In Haiti, Habitat has a long-term vision to build back better. Read about two projects bringing this vision to life.

Story from: Spring/Summer 2012
More on our efforts to rebuild Haiti

It's because of volunteers like Reg White that we're able to operate 75 ReStores nationwide. Read about what motivates him to help.

Story from: Spring/Summer 2012
More on our ReStores