We rely on our volunteers. Raising walls on our build sites, accepting donations at our ReStores, sharing expertise on our boards and committees – we simply could not do what we do without them.

Consider volunteering your time with Habitat. No construction experience is required and often our volunteers feel just as impacted by the experience as the families they set out to help.

I want to volunteer in my community
I want to travel and volunteer 
I want to engage my workplace
I want to engage my faith group

Volunteer in Your Community

There are 58 Habitat for Humanity affiliates working in over 300 communities nationwide. To volunteer in your community, contact your nearest affiliate to find out more about Habitat projects near you.

Women Build
Women Build projects are Habitat builds that put a focus on promoting women as leaders in the trades. There are opportunities to get involved in Women Build projects nationwide each year, contact your nearest affiliate to find out if there is an upcoming Women Build in your community. 

Travel and Volunteer

Go Abroad With Global Village
Work with a family to help them build a home and strengthen their community while enriching both their lives and your own on one of the dozens of Habitat for Humanity Global Village trips scheduled each year. Give back while taking in the sights and culture in places like: 

    - El Salvador
    - Zambia
    - Thailand
    - Costa Rica
    - Portugal

Visit Habitat for Humanity Canada Global Village for more information on the program and upcoming trips.

Travel domestically with Canada Builds
Canada Builds offers you the opportunity to travel within Canada and contribute to unique Habitat build projects ongoing in places like the Yukon, fire-affected Slave Lake, Prince Edward Island and within Aboriginal communities. Take in the distinct culture that these regions have to offer while having a significant impact on the lives of a Canadian family. 

Engage Your Workplace

Since Habitat was founded, workplaces have come together on build sites to give back to the communities where they work and build a stronger team while fulfilling their commitment to social corporate responsibility.

Across Canada, there are hundreds of Habitat projects ongoing each year, meaning that there’s likely a project ongoing near you. To get your team involved, contact your nearest Habitat affiliate. 

Engage Your Faith Group

Everyone can use the hammer as an instrument to manifest their faith. Habitat founder Millard Fuller calls this concept "the theology of the hammer," explaining, "we may disagree on all sorts of other things... but we can agree on the idea of building homes with God's people in need, and… doing so… [at] no profit and no interest."

Contact your nearest Habitat affiliate to engage your faith group in the work of Habitat or if you’d like to make a donation, click here.


The Impact You'll Create